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Under the directorship of Garry Stewart, Australian Dance Theatre creates dance that is an intelligent progression of the art form engaging audiences the world over.

Australian Dance Theatre is Australia’s pre-eminent contemporary dance company and the longest running in the country. For over 50 years Australian Dance Theatre has pioneered new work that has contributed to defining dance in this region.

Some of the most laudable names in Australian dance have been part of the company’s evolution. For the past 20 years, under the artistic direction of Garry Stewart, Australian Dance Theatre has engaged in unique collaborations with artists from a wide variety of fields. With the dancers of the company, Garry Stewart has developed a distinctive movement vocabulary that underpins the company’s unique identity.


The Beginning of Nature
construct by Tanja Liedtke
Be Your Self
Choreography (NIDA)
Mood Machine
Collision Course
Nought by Daniel Jaber
The Age of Unbeauty

What’s On

January 2019





31 Jan The Odeon Youth Ensemble audition Click here to receive an application form
08 8373 7733
22 - 24 Jan The Odeon School Holiday Workshops Click here to book
08 8373 7733

March 2019





12 - 18 Mar Queen Elizabeth II (Cunard) The Beginning of Nature Cunard

April 2019





4 - 5 Apr The Odeon, Norwood Anthology Click here to book
08 8373 7733

May 2019





3 - 6 May Joyce Theater, New York (USA) The Beginning of Nature Click here to book

June 2019





3 - 7 Jun The Odeon Secondment Week Click here for further info and to apply.
08 8373 7733
28 - 2 Aug The Odeon DanceFit/80's Click here to book.
08 8373 7733

September 2019





11 - 14 Sep Dunstan Playhouse, Adelaide Festival Centre North/South BASS


Australian Dance Theatre offers a range of education opportunities for secondary & tertiary students, graduates & the general public.

To download a soft copy of our Learning Program for Schools in 2019 – click here. *you may have to refresh the page.


Creating art is an intensive process requiring the resources, expertise and support of a network of individuals and organisations.

Australian Dance Theatre relies on the valuable support of its sponsors, stakeholders, members, friends and donors who share the company’s passionate commitment to furthering Australian culture and artists.

Essays & Articles


Publications featuring Garry Stewart & Australian Dance Theatre

Bodies of Thought: Twelve Australian Choreographers – Launching July 2014

An important new book on Australian contemporary dance, Bodies of Thought: 12 Australian Choreographers features a generation of award-winning, innovative Australian choreographers with international reputations and legacies of influence.
Focusing on a work by each artist—with an interview and an essay by a leading dance scholar—this groundbreaking book offers invaluable insights into the creation of remarkable works, at a time when Australian dance is enjoying international acclaim. Edited by Erin Brannigan and Virginia Baxter. Published by RealTime and Wakefield Press 2014.

Fifty Contemporary Choreographers – Second Edition

A unique and authoritative guide to the lives and work of prominent living contemporary choreographers. Representing a wide range of dance genres, each entry locates the individual in the context of modern dance theatre and explores their impact. Edited by Martha Bremser and Lorna Sanders. Published by Routledge, 2011.

Shaping the Landscape – Celebrating Dance in Australia

This, the fourth book in the series ‘Celebrating Dance in Asia and the Pacific’, explores the current dance scene in Australia from a wide perspective that mirrors the creative engagement of artists with Australian culture and the landscape. It looks at Indigenous dance, choreography beyond theatre, youth and community dance, Australian dancers’ versatility and risk-taking. The comprehensive essays recount immigrant influences, the legacy of the Ballets Russes and Bodenwieser companies, dance on stage and screen, education and training and the story of Ausdance — the unique nation-wide voice and political advocacy organisation for dance. Edited by Stephanie Burridge and Julie Dyson. Published by Routledge India, 2012.


Writing by Professor Kate Stevens

Writing by Professor Kim Vincs

Writing by Professor Leach

  • ‘Modes of Creativity’ in Transactions and Creations. Property Debates and the Stimulus of Melanesia. (eds). E. Hirsch and M. Strathern, Oxford: Berghahn Books. Pp: 152-175. (2004) – A comparative examination of ‘modes of creativity’ in a Papua New Guinean society and in contemporary global discourse conditioned by intellectual property regimes. The analysis highlights the existence of ‘distributed creativity’ in the PNG case, and contrasts this with ‘appropriative creativity’ in the Euro-American mode.
  • ‘Choreographic Objects: Contemporary dance, digital creations and prototyping social visibility.’ Journal of Cultural Economy. (2013) – An anthropological analysis of the motivations behind, and the contextual impetus towards, the engagement of Contemporary dance companies with digital adjuncts to, or illustrations of, the choreographic creation process.

Writing by Dr Scott deLahunta

  • Scott deLahunta (2013) “Publishing Choreographic Ideas”. in: SHARE: Handbook for Artistic Research Education. eds. Mick Wilson & Schelte van Ruiten. ELIA: Amsterdam. pp. 170-177. The purpose of this essay is to consider “specific challenges around the development of a research culture within the field of choreographic practice. This paper illustrates the kind of thinking that emerges from within an arts practice as it formulates its own perspective on the building of a research culture immanent to the field.” (SHARE: Handbook for Artistic Research Education. p. 169. The full Handbook can be downloaded here:
  • Scott deLahunta. (2011) Traces of Physical Intelligence. Chapter in: Gestalt der Bewegung. Editor: Annett Zinsmeister. pp. 94-113. Publisher JOVIS verlag. Stuttgart Academy of Art and Design. This chapter is published alongside a range of topics from the choreographies of car design and surveillance cameras to the ways movement protects buildings and dematerializes landscapes. The aim was to provide evidence to support the view that dance artists are in a unique position to shift prevailing attitudes toward ‘physical intelligence’. This evidence was shown in examples from a collection of choreographic resources being developed with choreographers.

News & Media

Tanja Liedtke Fellowship closes 14 Dec 2018 - 13 December, 2018

Tomorrow is the last day to apply for the 2019 Tanja Liedtke Fellowship. The 2019 Fellowship is offered by the Tanja Liedtke Foundation in partnership with Berlin’s ada Studio and Australian Dance Theatre’s International Centre for Choreography (ADT ICC). In 2019, the ADT ICC will be managing the Fellowship application process in partnership with the… View Article

Humanhood residency - 22 January, 2018

In January 2018 the company were pleased to have Rudi Cole and Julia Robert, founding co-artistic directors of Humanhood, with us in the studios. Humanhood were amongst the winners at the Ballet Gesellschaft International Choreographic Competition in Hanover, which included a three-week scholarship with the company thanks to the generous support of the Tanja Liedtke Foundation. For… View Article

A look back on 2017 - 22 December, 2017

As we reflect on what has been a huge and exciting year for the company, we sincerely thank all our valued sponsors and supporters for ensuring that we are able to continue to create and perform new work, play a leading role as a cultural ambassador for Australia, and provide opportunities for the future generation… View Article

Body Image: the basis of who we are and how we act – workshop - 25 April, 2017

Body Image: the basis of who we are and how we act. Workshop – Sunday 18 June 10.00am-4:30pm, held at ADT Studios 126 Belair Road, Hawthorn. Join Associate Professor Susan Hillier of the University of South Australia for a special workshop for anyone interested in body image – clinicians, dancers, actors, yoga teachers, students, or… View Article

A look back on 2018 - 14 December, 2018

As we reflect on what has been a huge and exciting year for the company, we sincerely thank all our valued audiences, sponsors and supporters for ensuring that we are able to continue to create and perform new work, play a leading role as a cultural ambassador for Australia, and provide opportunities for the future… View Article

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